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2012 Els for Autism... Liezl's Tea Party held at Le Metro

"On March 1, 2012 Els for Autism worked together with Le Metro to put on the most successful tea to date. The Foundation was extremely impressed by the catering work of the Le Metro restaurant. The staff exceeded expectations in their professionalism and they went above and beyond their call of duty.... The food was exceptional! Many of the guests were commenting on the quiche that Christian put together for us." --Nicole Palladino, Event Coordinator, Els for Autism

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Jupite's Le Metro: French, but not fancy

"If you consider the way Americans traditionally have viewed French cooking, it's almost as if every meal must be an occasion, replete with elaborately sauced dishes and white-glove attention to detail. Don't the French ever just want to grab a bite? Of course they do. And I suspect that's what's behind the success of Jupiter's Le Metro Neighborhood Bistro, which appears to be going strong after a year in business... Le Metro is very much a bistro you can call home." --Charles Passy, The Palm Beach Post

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This new bistro is a keeper

"Located in the heart of Abacoa and opened quietly in early summer, this French-American cafe is not only stunning but serves some of the tastiest food in this area. Chef Christian Alunno and his wife, Mary Ellen, have created the best of all possible worlds'a neighborhood bistro that is visually delightful, serves terrific food and is priced perfectly for tough times." --Patricia Weiner, Spotlight on the Northern Palm Beaches

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"Food and service were really great. The atmosphere was kid friendly and comfortably elegant!" --R.S.

"Excellent lunch! Great value for the price. Our server, Mary, was excellent! One of the best I've had lately." -- Teri

"We very much enjoyed our meal and service. Ricardo was friendly and efficient. We especially enjoyed the desserts!" -- Angela

"Excellent food and service - delightful atmosphere. Of course we will be back!" -- D.L.

"Superb atmosphere and staff. Wonderful children's menu. Excellent price and a hit with the kids." -- Wana

"I came here yesterday for lunch and enjoyed it so much, I brought my husband for dinner. The food, service and ambiance are superb. Bravo!" -- Leslie

"We come here often and enjoy this place very much. We recommend it to all our friends." -- Pia

"In a time when restaurants often compromise quality for profits, Le Metro delivers fantastic value with high quality and a fair price. Keep it up!"

"The restaurant was great. One of the best around. It is a wonderful addition to our area."

"My family enjoyed an excellent dinner here tonight. From the appetizers, to entrees to desserts, all were created, presented and served with skill. We will be back again!"

"I have been looking long and hard for a restaurant in Palm Beach County that is of true quality. Le Metro is by far the most authentic French restaurant I have eaten at in Florida."